Bright Eyes

Whispered Smoke
I don't know if I consider myself a poet. But I do write a poem now and again.

I like strong words. The stronger the better.

I like flow. I like my poems to be like rushing water, transporting you from one location across the ocean to a new land.

I do not do rhyme. I do not do forced. Rhyming to me is force, if I think too much about it I lock up. Poetry is my way to let feelings, thoughts, pretty words, dark places, nonsense, and whatever flows from my fingers out, with no rules and no regulations.

I'm in a dry spell right now, I would love to find someone I can write back and forth with, I have gotten some of my best work that way. I enjoy responding with poem and longingly check the internet for a response in kind.

all of my poems derive from emotion and imagery, whether an image or emotion caused a domino affect, bringing me to the emotion of the poem or from my own true emotions that collide within my heart.